We're sorry, KTC San Diego is closed.

We mourn the passing of our most beloved, honorable Ven. Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche, who was a genuine light to the world. We also pray for his swift return.


Unfortunately, this is also a declining time of Dharma, as the Buddha predicted. With the passing of our teacher and light, there has also been a loss of light at KTD. As saddening as that is, and as difficult as this is to publish, the repeated growing instances of dishonesty of some Lamas, angry emotional outbursts, absence of compassion, and dereliction of responsibilities in favor of personal fun or gain by others, It would be irresponsible to direct people to, or support KTD in its current state.


The true words of the Buddha are as important as ever. Never give up on genuine Dharma. Never give up on your practice. Never give up on finding genuine spiritual friends and genuine Dharma teachers.